How To Determine if its Time Get Home Care for Your Mother

Much as we want out parents to stay with us forever, there are times when we will need home care to maintain happiness at home. With assisted care, you can be sure that your mother or father will be taken care of trained professionals. They know what they are doing and they are objective with the way the administer care. If we take matters into our own hands, chances are, we can be emotional and instead of doing the right thing, we end up doing what feeds our emotions.

Signs that Your Parents Need Assisted Care

There are telltale signs that your parents are already in need of home care. As they grow older, you will notice changes in their behavior that will tell you that it’s time to seek assisted care. There is no reason to be emotional about it because you know that all you want is their welfare.

  1. Difficulty keeping track of time

    One of the first things that will happen when your parents are really getting old is when they can no longer keep track of time. Not only will they have difficulty keeping track of the sequence of time, they will also have a hard time keeping up with what happened.

  2. Sleeping for most of the day

    Their body clock will seem to reverse and they will end up sleeping for most of the day. They will also tend to be awake for most of the night. This will take a toll on the family because when everybody is asleep, you parent will be busy doing all sorts of things and making some noise.

  3. Poor diet or weight loss

    These will be a change in their sense of taste resulting in loss of appetite. Consequently, they will also lose weight because of poor eating habit. This is going to be a huge problem for you because they will soon experience weakness to the point that they will have a hard time carrying their own bodies.

  4. Loss of interest in hobbies and activities

    Due to despair, they will also begin to lose interest with things that they used to love like their hobbies. They will not know how to spend their time and will have trouble finding new things to do.

  5. Changes in mood or extreme mood swings

    Due to the above changes, they will also experience extreme mood swings and this is going to be really difficult to members of your family. One moment they will be angry, the next moment they will be sad.

  6. Difficulty getting up from a seated position

    Due to poor diet, they will begin to lose bone mass and experience back pains. This will result in an inability to get up from a seated position.

These signs when present are the sure signs that your parents are in need for assisted care. When you see these behavior, don’t hesitate to call for help before things really reach a point that you can no longer handle.

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