Prevent Colic – Effective Baby Burping Techniques

Have you ever tried having a colicky pain, that nasty intermittent abdominal pain? It’s painful right? Imagine a small, fragile baby experiencing infantile colic, can you bear looking at your baby experiencing such? Of course not. Little ones have not developed their burping abilities yet, this is the reason why they are very prone to colic, but over time, as they grow, they will be able to develop this.  So, for now, as parents, whether full time or working, you have to help your babies burp. If you are a loving and caring mom or dad, better read on.

4 Effective Burping Techniques

First and foremost, before you start burping your babies make sure you have placed a burp cloth over the part where your baby will rest his or her face. This is not only to protect you from possible “wet burp” or burp accompanied with spit or vomit, but more importantly, this will protect your baby from possible dirt or skin irritants on your clothing. The best burp cloths are so baby friendly and safely enough to protect your babies from harmful agents.

  1. Shoulder Technique

The shoulder technique is the most commonly done method to burp babies. Put the burp cloth over your shoulder, and then hold your baby in an upright position, while your other hand is supporting your baby’s bottom. Make sure that there is a gentle pressure on the baby’s abdomen. Mildly rub or pat the infant’s back with your free hand until he burps.

  1. Belly Technique

If the you or the baby is uncomfortable with the shoulder technique you can try the belly technique. You can do this by placing your baby on his stomach over your lap or a firm pillow. Do not forget to place the burp cloth before you position your baby. The idea here is to apply a gentle pressure to the baby’s stomach with the help of a pillow or your lap, while he is in a prone position. Make sure his head is well supported and nothing is impeding his breathing. Gently tap his back until he is able to burp.

  1. Lap Technique

Some babies are not comfortable when pressure applied onto their bellies or when they are in a prone position. If this is the case, you can burp your baby using the lap technique. Have your baby sit on your lap, slightly leaning forward. Use your dominant have to support his chin and hands. Use your free hand to gently tap or rub his back upward. This motion will allow the air to be expelled.

  1. Tick Tock Technique

Tick tock technique is derived from the movement of the clock. This technique entails a swaying motion. Put your hands under the baby’s armpits while your thumb and forefinger supports the baby’s head. Then, gently sway or rock him from side to side until he is able to burp.

Burping is very essential for caregivers to do. Accumulated air in the baby’s stomach is very irritating and most often, very painful for them. Some babies burp immediately, some babies take 10-20 minutes before they are able to expel air from their bellies. Be patient. The most important thing is that you have to help your little one burp to prevent colic and keep a safe happy baby.

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