My Kids Play Soccer So I Can Have an Hour of Peace

My Kids Play Soccer So I Can Have an Hour of Peace

Remember back when you first discovered you were pregnant how thrilled you were, you would soon have a little bundle of joy of your very own.  Then came the sleepless nights, teething and colic and whatever else that deprived you of sleep.  For that you were rewarded with the terrible twos.  Oh joy!  Ah…but then a few years later the real reward came…school.

Suddenly your little bundle of joy was 5 and off to kindergarten and you could pee all by yourself.  It’s the small things, I know.  Yes, you did miss them and hoped they liked school but the peace and quiet was precious.  That doesn’t make you a bad person or a bad mother, it makes you human.  Alas the school day would end and within three minutes of walking in the door chaos resumed.  Now once my kids went to school I went back to work so my quiet times alone were very, very short lived.

Going Back to Work

Make no mistake leaving my kids and going back to work was hard and for a long time I spent half my day working and the other half fretting over how they were doing, were they eating and were they driving the teacher absolutely nuts.  I know teachers, it happens to the best of them.

Evenings and Weekends

Ask any working mother and they will tell you evenings and weekends are certainly not the relaxing oasis they once were.  You are trying to prepare for the days and weeks ahead while your littles run around like they have eaten pixie sticks with a Red Bull chaser, honestly I need some of that!


Most parents will tell you they put their kids in extra curricular activities like soccer, swimming or whatever your preferred sport is so that their kids will learn valuable lessons like teamwork and good sportsmanship.  Yeah, I am not that parent.  Oh don’t get me wrong I want my kids to learn all that stuff and become well rounded adults.

An Hour of Peace

The truth is…my kids play soccer so I can have an hour of peace!  I can drop them off to practice and go sit in Starbucks sip my latte, make fun of the hipsters (never out loud) and just bask in the quiet…aaaah.  Yes I know there will come a day when they’re all grown up and gone and I will miss the hugs, kissing skinned knees better and the chaos that reigns today.

But right now it’s just me and my caramel macchiato extra foam.

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