Tips for Mommy Bloggers

As any parent already knows, the immense responsibility of being a Mother or Father is matched with an equally immense time commitment. While we all want to be there for our children 100% of the time, it has become abundantly lear to me that clearing some time for myself is actually quite necessary. Not only does it prevent me from going crazy, but it also allows me to stay alert and focused when taking care of my kids, and overall, I just feel less burnt out and can more thoroughly enjoy the time I’m spending with the little ones.

Of course, creating time for yourself is easier said than done. Ideally, I would like to exercise as much as possible to stay healthy, but after being on my feet all day running errands and chasing the kids, sometimes I’m simply too exhausted. As a relatively new Mommy Blogger, I have found this type of activity to be highly beneficial for multiple reasons. The two main advantages to this activity is it can actually be quite relaxing, and on top of that, it’s a great way to communicate with other parents and learn some very useful tips and tricks. Lots of Mother’s have now started their own blogs, and I would like to pass along a couple tips that I think could help make the whole activity a lot easier, and subsequently, way more fun!

  1. Don’t force your content. When you first start writing, it’s hard to think of it in a casual manner. Of course, you want your content to be presentable, but forcing yourself to think of ideas rather than having them form naturally can reduce the quality of information. Take your time with your blog, building it with some of the most important information you have come across and other things that you feel strongly about. It will also be more fun to do when you actually have the time, as opposed to “squeezing it in” to your day.
  2. It’s not a competition. The best way to get your ideas out there is to share them with other bloggers, and in return, you may learn some great things yourself!
  3. If you have a history of arthritis or other joint problems, issues from typing can add up if you spend a lot of time on the computer. I’m only on mine for a little bit of each day, but before I had children I was on the computer all day for work constantly typing. I was surprised when I began having issues with my wrists when I was blogging, but apparently, all those years of rapid typing really caught up to me. Turns out I have carpal tunnel syndrome, which is very common and treatable, but also very painful if left untreated. I now wear carpal tunnel braces that really help me go about my day, and they’re actually pretty affordable and easy to find. For those with arthritis in the hands, these braces won’t really work that well, but I know another mommy blogger who wear arthritis gloves that she swears by.
  4. This is something that not every blogger will agree with, but I would suggest keeping photos and names of your children off your blog. While your audience will likely be pretty small, especially at first, you never know who will land on your site. For this reason, I tend to keep personal information to a minimum on the site, or at least in an anonymous manner. Plus, I’m sure it will save the kids some embarrassment when they grow up!

That’s about it for now! These tips aren’t anything ground-breaking, but they are things I constantly work on and have found seems to really make things a lot smoother. That said, it’s your blog, so you can do whatever you want with it! The main thing is to have some fun and learn a few things that will help you be the best parent you can be! Good luck!

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